About Us

Welcome to Bwindi Mgahinga Conservstion Trust, get to know about us

Bwindi Mgahinga Conservation Trust (BMCT) was established in 1994 to conserve Mgahinga Gorilla and Bwindi Impenetrable National Parks (MGNP & BINP), two critical forest habitants which provide a home to half of the world's remaining population of mountain gorillas in South Western Uganda. To view the Bwindi Mgahinga Conservation Trust working area , click here.

BMCT was the first Conservation Trust Fund in Africa established by Global Environment Facility (GEF) after the 1992 Rio Earth Summit.

When the two protected areas were gazetted in 1992, there were quite a number of illegal activities threatening the integrity of the two protected areas (PA). Also there was community resentment of the protected areas. Thanks to significant conservation efforts by BMCT and other stake holders, currently the population of the mountain gorillas has gradually increased and today stands above 300 in Uganda, illegal activities have reduced, communities now view the PAs as important resources and appreciate the benefits derived from conservation. A trend that we would like to sustain.

However threats to this amazing ecosystem still exist. There is a fast population growth leading to increase to intense farming around and up to the protected areas edge that leaves no buffer zone at all. This population sometimes suffer negatively from results of conservation activities like wildlife crop damage which infuriates them and sours relations.

Our Vision

To conserve the bio-diversity and ecosystem health of Mgahinga and Bwindi protected areas in harmony with the development needs of the surrounding communities.

Our Mission

To foster conservation of bio-diversity in Mgahinga and Bwindi protected areas through investment in community development projects, grants for research and ecological monitoring, funding park management and protection, and programmes that create greater conservation awareness.

True to our vision we believe that people are an important part of any ecosystem. Without healthy and economically secure communities around our protected areas, the areas remain under threat from grazing, hunting and such vices. The BMCT uses a unique approach of conservation through community development to achieve our vision. We work to improve the quality of life in surrounding communities by providing education, health services, safe water, vocational training and sustainable resource use skills in this empoverished and most densely populated region in Uganda.




Our Core Values

  • Integrity - striving to operate to the highest standards of professionalism, honesty and transparency.
  • Innovation - striving to maintain an innovative approach to achieving our mission, overcoming new challenges and finding new ways to improve.
  • Team work - Working together as a team to take advantage of our strengths, skills and knowledge.
  • Collaboration - developing partnerships and strategic alliances with other institutions and organisations in support of the mission
  • Excellence - pursuing and achieving excellence in all endeavours.
  • Communication - promoting and encouraging effective internal & external communications
  • Effectiveness - ensuring value for money in all BMCT programmes.